I need that song, those trusty chords could pull me trough...
I need that song,
those trusty chords could pull me trough
this special feeling

everybody knows it.you see someone who looks very nice and u want to hang aroung with. after a few weeks or maybe after a few days you get to know and u like him a lot. then you spend time together and suddenly it happens. everytime you touch you get nervous. everytime you laugh together you get happy. everytime you see him you feel like you could manage all your problems, which seem so unimportant now. and all the time there is this feeling. this feeling, which makes you believe your dreams come true. this feeling,which makes your day so easy to survive. this feeling, which makes the time run, but which let you count the seconds till you see him. this feeling is a wonderful feeling, the most beautiful and the most wanted. it makes you addicted. one time you felt like this, you don't want anything else and you search for it your entire life without any misgivings. it is the feeling you're living for.

this feeling is called LOVE .

10.12.10 19:06

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